2 nights stay in Herbal Rooms?

Get rewarded for 2 nights staying at Herbal Rooms Homestay in Soca valley.

One extra offer per month. Every month! Be part of Herbal House. You come as a guest. You leave as part of our family.

January: Make your own tea blend!

tea blend making

Days are shorter, nights are colder. Perfect time for storytelling with a cup of home-made herbal tea. Check available dates for staying in our unique Herbal rooms here.

February: Time for crocheting!

crochet in herbal rooms

Learn your first crochet samples! Maybe you will end up crocheting yourself a hat 🙂 Discover Soca valley on your own and book Herbal Rooms accommodation here.

 March: Dandelion salad, queen among the salads!

dandelion salad

Slovenians are crazy on dandelion. Be part of green gift from the nature. Make your own dandelion salad! Make a reservation for Herbal Rooms here.

 April: Wild garlic pesto making!

wild garlick picking

Follow us into the woods. Bend down on a green carpet and pick your own basket of wild garlic from the best pesto ever. Experience Herbal rooms and book here.

 May: Tasty frtalja!

frtalja herbal omelette

Frtalja, fritaja, herbal omelette … It doesn’t matter. But the best one is made out of herbs (balm-mint, chives, feverfew, sage) and other greens that are growing on our vegetable garden. You are only a click away. Dates can fill fast. Book Herbal Rooms here.

June: Get my recipe for elder juice!

elder syrup making

Let me share with you a secret of making the best elder syrup. Need a place after crazy running from one must see attraction to another? Book Herbal Rooms accommodation with a twist here.

July: Make your lavender garland!

lavender garland

Lavender bushes are in the full blossom. I will teach you how to wrape a bouquet of lavender into a decorative and scented garland. Slow down your pace and stay in Herbal Rooms. Book here.

August: Vegetable garden is in full flourish!

stores for the winter

It is peak time for making stores for the winter. Don’t let winter surprise you. Learn how to store your food for the winter now (jams, parsley with salt, peach compote, etc.). Experience home away from home. Check available dates for Herbal Rooms here.

September: Mushroom hunting!

mushroom picking

Take your basket and let’s see how keen and lucky you are. Let’s start picking mushrooms! Book Herbal Rooms, your countryside getaway here.

October: Chestnut time!

chestnut picking

Fill your basket with chestnut and get your fingers dirty with fried and tasty chestnut. Book your authentic accommodation in Soca valley here.

November: Hand-made pine wreath!

making pine wreath

Be part of creative mood and learn how to make a pine wreath. Book Herbal Rooms with a local creative touch here.

December: What is Potica?

potica dessert

December is the most festive time of the year. Use your hand’s power and roll the queen of Slovenian desserts, walnut potica. Stay in Herbal Rooms during the festive time. Book your dates here.

In which time of the year shall we expect you? You are always welcome 🙂