Slocally gift ideas

Dear traveler and Slovenia lover,

Slovenia is a true paradise for local experiences for all seasons! Collect unforgetable moments and memories. Gift an experience!

Herbal rooms Soča valley

Gift a holiday in Herbal Rooms* … because:

– all Herbal Rooms posseses hand-made touch
– herbs are in the air (we are pure herbal addicts and you will become one also;))
– we grow our own vegetables and herbs
– we respect the nature and its cycles (sorry, no tomatoes in the winter time!)
– you can be part of our hands-on activities or buy our products (more than 40 kinds of dried herbs, different wooden and crochet products)
– it is family-run homestay (thank you for supporting local economy!)
– our home is your home!
– you experience our Herbal Rooms once and you will come again. 
 Gift holidays in Herbal Rooms*: from 27 EUR. Get your herbal gift certificate today!

local guide slovenia

Rent-a-local guide gift certificate … because:

– a local guide loves and feels the local region
– a local guide is adaptable and follows your wishes
– mass tourism is out
– your local guide has great knowledge of the local area
– serendipity will accompany you (you never know what happens next!)
– because local is where it all begins.
Gift Slocally unique idea Rent-a-local guide: from 25 EUR. Get your local guru gift certificate today!


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