Herbal pillow? Make one when in Soca valley!

Even our ancestors knew that medicinal plants have a beneficial effect on our body. Be creative and make your own herbal souvenirĀ from the herbs picked in the nearbly forests and meadows. We will teach you step-by step how to make your perfect herbal pillow. Truly herbal aromatherapy for all of your sences!

Make a test. Put your head onĀ the herbal pillow and close your eyes. A pleasant aroma and the rustle of herbs will take you to another world, to the world of nature. Resting on the herbal pillows is like laying on the mown meadow of flowering plants. Fragrances and rustling herbs have special and relaxing effects on whole your body. The soothing and rustling scent of herbs calms your mind. So natural, so indescribably pleasant and relaxing.

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Time: every day by prior appointment.
Duration: 1-1,5 hour.
Where: Plave (Herbal Rooms Homestay).
Min./max. participants: 1-4.
NOTE: You must arrange your own transportation to Plave in order to take this experience.
Event organizer: Vesna.

20 EUR/person
The price includes organization and running of the event, all ingredients for making herbal pillow, herbal pillow, welcome herbal tea. Gratuities and tips are highly appreciated. For now, cash only.
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