A complete guided introduction to the world of olive oil. Learn how to discern the exquisite flavors of olive oil (belica, črnica, leccino). Tantalize your taste buds and enjoy the best flavors of olive oil ever! Professional olive oil maker will teach you about rich and delicious history of the olives from the most northerly weather zone where the olive trees may still thrive. The soil, favorable location and remoteness from industrial and urban settlements are factors for this high quality olive oil. Tasting top quality olive oil is an experience you want to enjoy while in Goriška Brda.

In November during olive harvesting you have a chance to taste the newly pressed olive oil.

We adore olive oil from Goriška Brda. Check it here.

We are exploring Brda region. Check it here.

Time: every day by prior appointment.
Duration: 1-1,5 hours
Where: different villages in Goriska brda.
Min./max. participants: 1-4.
NOTE: You must arrange your own transportation to Goriska brda in order to take this tour!
Event organizer: different olive oil producers.

15-20 EUR/person
The price includes the organization and running of the olive oil tasting. Exclusions: drinks, personal purchases. Tips are highly appreciated. For now, cash only.
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