Our beautiful, green and miniature-sized Slovenia, surrounded by Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, with vibrant and blooming springtime, warm and mediterranean summers, colourful autumns/falls and alpine winters welcomes you to the land of love! Slovenia is still a hidden gem within Europe with many exciting, varied and off the beaten track local experiences. Get to know Slovenia, its hospitable people, dialects, traditions, colourful and dreamy countryside with green gardens, fruity orchards (peaches, cherries, apricots, persimmon, apples) and breathtaking vineyards. Taste yummy local cuisines. Visit osmice, saltmines, floating mills, mines, mysterious caves with human fish, untouched forests, timeless villages and towns, numerous churches and thermal spas. Observe storks, Kranjska bee, Krško pig, linden trees, wind-rattles, hayrack and energetic points. Drink healing waters. Slovenia has many special regions to visit. All of them are unique and beautiful in all 4 seasons. Get the most of what Slovenia has to offer. Experience Slovenia with locals in spring, summer, autumn/fall or winter!

Why experience Slovenia with Slocally?

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 Experience Slovenia with locals. With Slocally.


Slocally is crazy on capturing the moments while exploring Slovenia all year around.